Community Development

As a committee, our goal is to build community by providing a personal link between all the members of the Kairos Community which includes tenants, board members, staff and other Kairos committees. Our major focus, of course, is on the tenants. We offer several social events throughout the year; a line of communication through a buddy system with tenants and by attending board and other committee meetings.
                     Community Development Committee Report January 2018

Annual Social Events
The following events are considered each year and offered depending on interest, resources and availability. Some events such as the Christmas Party and BBQ have been offered from the beginning of Kairos and have continued to remain favourites each year. Other ideas and suggestions for events are also considered at an annual planning meeting. (Click here to view event listings).

The Buddy System
A member of the Community Development Committee communicates with the tenant families. Information is exchanged regarding upcoming events and assistance is arranged to facilitate the tenants being able to participate in these events. This assistance may take the form of transportation and/or child care expenses. A buddy may simply listen to concerns of the tenant and respond when it is deemed appropriate or if indicated, relay any concern to the Housing Manager. When possible, we obtain feedback from tenants where we, as a committee, need to improve, change, discontinue or add to the services we offer and determine if there are needs not being met that we may be able to offer in the future.

As part of the Buddy System, we are presently reviewing the responsibilities of the buddy to include welcoming new tenants and passing on information to the tenant when they initially move into their new home. Our goal would be to provide a positive experience for the newcomer and not a threatening or invasive experience.

Board and Committee Representation
The Community Development Committee members will alternate attending the Monthly Board Meeting to present a report of our committee to the Board and to bring a board report back to the next monthly meeting of the Community Development Committee. It is hoped that this practice will maintain a line of communication between ourselves and the other members of the Kairos community.

In conclusion, as volunteers, we are grateful for the opportunity to give of our time and abilities and to likewise receive and benefit from the many gifts other members of the Kairos family bring to this organization, be they moms and their children or the many volunteers. Each brings their individual gifts and talents and this has resulted in the success we enjoy today.

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